The Effectiveness of Glucarpidase in Treating Methotrexate Toxicity: A Retrospective Study

KNG Health conducted a retrospective cohort study of Medicare beneficiaries to examine the effectiveness of glucarpidase in cancer patients.  Glucarpidase is a drug that is used to treat toxicity that can be caused by methotrexate, an anticancer and immunosuppressive agent.  We used Medicare claims data to compare the outcomes between cancer patients treated with glucarpidase and similar patients treated with dialysis.  In constructing the comparison group, we identified patients who are likely to be candidates for glucarpidase based on clinical indicators in the Medicare claims data.  Further risk adjustment was conducted using Elixhauser comorbidities and inverse probability of treatment weighting estimation.  Outcomes examined included length of stay in hospital, number of days in intensive care unit, mortality, and readmission rate.  The findings are presented in a research manuscript, which is currently under review at a peer-reviewed journal.

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