Use of Glucarpidase (Voraxaze®) to Treat Methotrexate Toxicity in Cancer Patients Associated with Lower Length-of-Stay and Mortality Rates

Glucarpidase (Voraxaze®) is used to treat methotrexate (MTX) toxicity in patients with delayed MTX clearance due to impaired renal function. Using 2010-2017 Medicare claims data, KNG Health researchers assessed outcomes of glucarpidase patients relative to those experienced by patients treated for presumed MTX toxicity using other therapies. Researchers examined hospital length of stay (LOS), mortality, and readmission rates for Medicare cancer patients with delayed clearance of MTX treated with glucarpidase.  They found that Medicare cancer patients with presumed MTX toxicity receiving conventional treatment experience long hospitalizations, high intensive care unit (ICU) use and high mortality. Glucarpidase patients had lower LOS, inpatient mortality and 90-day mortality than the non-glucarpidase patients.  The study was published in ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research.

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