Technical Assistance for Learning Systems for Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative and Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model

As a subcontractor to The Lewin Group, KNG Health provides technical assistance to support participants in the Medicare Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) initiative and in the Medicare Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement (CJR) Model.   In this project, we have worked on several methods and vehicles for engaging the participants of these programs and promoting learning.  We have developed several electronic newsletters with different types of content tailored to different audiences.  We draft articles to keep participants abreast on program updates and provide them with useful information about quality measures, data collection, and data analysis. We use download and readership data to develop tools for a monthly dashboard that is used by the client to assess the effectiveness of the learning system.  We use primary information gathering methods (e.g., interviews, surveys) to gain insight into BPCI participants’ experiences with the programs and their learning needs.  Through interviews with providers, we have gathered information that is used to design learning events/resources and to identify promising practices and care delivery innovations that may be shared with all participants.  We also work with the Lewin team to promote collaborative learning and peer-to-peer dialogue amongst participants.

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