The Impact on Insurance Coverage and Federal Spending of Affordable Care Act Repeal and Replace Proposals

In 2017, Congress debated several comprehensive legislative proposals that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, including the American Healthcare Act and the Better Care Reconciliation Act. KNG Health provided analyses to assist stakeholders in understanding the impacts of these policies on coverage and Federal spending both at the national and local level. KNG Health interpreted the legislative proposals as each one was released and then used a microsimulation model—the KNG Health Reform Model (KNG-HRM)—to estimate the effect of each proposal on health insurance coverage (Medicaid, non-group, and employer-subsidized insurance) and federal spending for each state and Congressional District. In addition to the main House and Senate bills, KNG Health modeled many different versions of the language, including the Cruz-Lee Amendment which would have allowed non-ACA compliant plans into the non-group market and the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Amendment which would have converted ACA federal funding into a block grant model and imposed Medicaid per-capita caps. Findings from our analysis were noted in the magazine Modern Healthcare.

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