KNG Health Reform Model

March 12, 2019

The KNG Health Reform Model (KNG-HRM) is a microsimulation model that uses data from the American Community Survey, the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, and other data sources to estimate coverage effects of health reform proposals.  As the U.S. Congress released several legislative proposals intended to replace the Affordable Care Act or expand Medicare coverage, KNG Health has used the model to estimate the effects of these proposals on health insurance coverage, healthcare spending, and federal spending for each state and Congressional District.  These analyses assisted stakeholders in understanding the impacts of these policies on coverage and Federal spending both at the national and local level.  Most recently, the KNG Health researchers used the model to estimate the impact of the Medicare-X Choice Act, which would introduce a public plan on the health insurance exchanges. The model is also being used to assess a proposal to provide coverage to the uninsured through government-backed loans.

Link: KNG – Health Reform Model Technical Report V12_04172019

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